Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy 3 years to us!

This past Wednesday we had our 3 year wedding anniversary. Can you believe it? 3 years! This week has been so busy and hectic that we haven't really gotten a chance to celebrate so tonight we are taking our little guy to dinner and a wal-mart trip. =) Also on our anniversary Dylan turned 4 months! He is getting so big. He keeps us so entertained and I usually have to fight his daddy just to get my hands on him when he's around. He is stubborn with him but that's okay. Last night I was changing his diaper and had a cloth wiping around his neck....he laughed like I have NEVER heard him laugh before. I wasn't even playing with him I was just cleaning around his neck and I guess it gave him a little tickle. I RAN and I mean RAN to get the flip and of course couldn't get him to do it again! I couldn't hardly stand it for his daddy to get home so I could tell him. When he got there and I told him the story we took him back to his room again and tried and tried and tried to get him to do it again........nothing! That turkey!! It was the most precious thing in the entire world and I cannot wait until his daddy's hears it. I have since wore myself out doing everything possible trying to get the kid to laugh again. ha ha!

I hope to have a relaxing weekend. We LOVE to stay busy but when money is tight and your just flat worn out......nothing better then a weekend at home! Enjoy yours!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


Monday, September 27, 2010

Sweet Cousins!

Dylan and Beau. September 23rd 2010

Dylan's 1st beach trip!

In August we had a really nice friend give us her condo in Orange was perfect! It was a great time for us to get away. We went to Lambert's Friday night...Saturday we went shopping and Lulu's for dinner (our fav) and home the next day. What a nice getaway!

Friday, September 24, 2010

A BIG.......

Because of both our parents, family, and friends we were able to stay with Dylan the entire time he was at Children's. The money, calls, visits, and most importantly prayers were very much appreciated! You will never know how much we truly appreciate all the help we got. It was overwhelming! It took off more stress than you know. We thank God for each and every one of you everyday! Thanks again!!!!!!

A Nightmare!

Don't know how much I actually want to re-live this by writing everything out but I will do my best. After Dylan was born and we were still in the hospital he spit up so much! He would also cry like he was hurting! I kept asking the nurses about it and she had said she also noticed he appeared to be hurting and would get it checked. We left Dylan in the nursery at night so we could get some sleep.....which did me no good because I called them every hour it seemed! She got the doctor to check and said he made a 10 out of 10 on his test and babies never do that they told us. They just kept telling us he's perfect and its just a little spit up. We were so ready to come home. I never took any medication and was healing fine so I didn't see the point of being there anyway. We left that Tuesday the 8th! Got home and we LOVED it! We were worn out but just glad to be in our home. Dylan still spit up ALOT! Nights were really bad he cried and cried and never kept his milk down. I called the doctors office the very next day (Wednesday.) Told them he continued to spit up a good bit and needed something different to try. They told us just to leave him still for 15-30 minutes after each feeding. Well we tried this....nothing helped! I called back Thursday and they set us up with an appointment for Friday. We saw the doctor that Friday morning and she thought for sure it was the milk and acid reflux. His spit up was now turning bright yellow! I asked her over and over about this. She assured us everything was fine and to try the milk and after a couple of hours he would be fine. He wasn't! That night it turned lime green. I know my husband, family, and friends were getting aggravated with me but I just knew something was wrong! I called at 2:00 Saturday morning and talked to a doctor. She was going to meet us at the office around lunch Saturday. (This is another story in itself and not going there or I will not be a very happy camper for the rest of the afternoon!) Anyway she sent us over the Baptist East to have a test run to "prove to us" it was acid reflux. I cried and cried. I just knew something wasn't right. I took his little clothes off and went into the x-ray room. Daddy waited outside for us. I fed him this thick thick milky stuff out of a bottle while they turned him every which way. They let Adam in and the man came out from looking at them and I heard the words I NEVER will forget, "your son has an abnormality!" My heart sank and I sobbed and held my son even tighter. I didn't know what to think , ask, say, I just cried. They took us back to the room and the RUDE doctor came back in and told me to dry it up it would only take about 3 days for recovery if even that and we would be home.....again....YEAH RIGHT! We were transported by ambulance to Children's. Never ever do you imagine having to travel in an ambulance with your child to a hospital. We get there and there are literally 15 surgeons and doctors waiting on us. They took him out of my arms without a goodbye hug or kiss and left before my very eyes! One of the surgeons came and took me and Adam in a private room. She went on to explain to us how serious this was and how he possibly didn't even have a 1/2 a day and he could have died. She explained how big this surgery was, what percent didn't make it and all I could think was wait we are getting 2 stories! I was so confused and so was Adam! She said he had Intestinal Malrotation.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Malrotation is twisting of the intestines (or bowel) caused by abnormal development while a fetus is in utero, and can cause obstruction. Malrotation occurs in 1 out of every 500 births in the United States. The small and large intestines are the longest part of the digestive system. If stretched out to their full length, they would measure more than 20 feet long by adulthood, but because they're folded up, they fit into the relatively small space inside the abdomen. Malrotation occurs when the intestines don't position themselves normally during fetal development and aren't attached inside properly as a result. The exact reason this occurs is unknown. When a fetus develops in the womb, the intestines start out as a small, straight tube between the stomach and the rectum. As this tube develops into separate organs, the intestines move into the umbilical cord, which supplies nutrients to the developing embryo. Around the 10th week of pregnancy, the intestines move from the umbilical cord into the abdomen. When they don't properly turn after moving into the abdomen, malrotation occurs.

She told as long as surgery went well recovery was going to take 3-5 weeks. I cried even harder. I didn't know what to do. We all went to the waiting room and within about 30 min the doctor came in....the BEST doctor in the WORLD (Dr.Chin) Said everything went well. I got to see my sweet boy as they took him in the NICU.

We got to go back and see Dylan before we left that night. I sure didn't want to leave my boy but I was so proud of the way he looked. It just looked like he was sleeping. We all left and got us a room. Adam and I were at lost for words. We just cried! Worried about him, our jobs, the bills, our house, him again. Just everything! I really thought I was gonna have a nervous breakdown! We got up bright and early the next morning. I was so excited to see my baby. Then we got there Adam and I could see him from where we had to wash our hands at the entrance. My heart stopped and this is what I saw.
I broke down in the NICU in front of everyone. I couldn't believe that was my baby there with all this stuff on. I was not warned and wish I had been. I guess I was so blown away with how good he looked after surgery I didn't think I would see this on him. He had oxygen, cpap, tube down throat, and monitors hooked up all over him. He just layed there and moaned. Let me tell you its the worst sounds EVER hearing your child making sounds like that knowing they are in deep pain and you can't do a thing. Oh how I wanted to switch places with him SO bad. We didn't want to leave his side.
He later got a Pic line in his head. They had tried 4 times and finally got it then it got irritated and they moved it to his foot.....which they tried 3 times.

One week later Dylan was put in a room. His tube was removed and we had until he started having dirty diapers before they would let us go home. He finally started to have Dirtys!

We were discharged from Children's June 23rd. Dylan at birth weighed 6 lbs 14oz. In the NICU he went down to 6lbs 3 oz. When we left that day he was 7lbs. He now weighs a wonderful 14 lbs. Maybe more! My little man was a TROOPER and still is. He will never know how proud mommy and daddy are. He was much much stronger than we ever could have been.
This was taken 2 weeks ago. My Dylan is a healthy growing boy now and I owe everything to those doctors and surgeons who saved him! I also thank my God for watching over all of us during this time. Needless to say we NEVER went back to that doctor....and NEVER will! If you look close in this picture you can see his small scar! Thank the Lord that's all he has to show from the surgery! He sure is a blessed little boy.

Guess who's back!

Wow! What a year! Longest year of my life I do believe. I have been so bad about not keeping up and writing everything down so I am going to do my best to remember and try to update everyone. I need to put this all in a I had planned to in the beginning. I know boys are different than girl but Dylan still may want to look back on this one day. So here goes...........
I had a doctors appointment on June 2nd 2010. *Dylan was due on the 18th of June* Adam took me to the appointment. I always called them "our" appointment, I don't think he missed one! I had been having real bad problems with my leg to the point I couldn't even lift my leg in the bed. Come to find out it was sciatic nerve and I almost couldn't take it any longer. The doctor examined me and I had already started to dilate. I asked when did he think we could induce. He looked at us and said come in this Saturday and we will have a baby Sunday. Adams jaw hit the floor and all I could think was that's only 3 days away. Aah!! Adam looked at the doctor and said, "this Saturday??!!...are we talking about the same Saturday?" The doctor laughed and said yes, this Saturday. Adam didn't say much as we approached the front desk. It was kinda sad because I knew that was the last "baby" appointment we would have. I enjoyed traveling to Montgomery with my husband and having dinner with him throughout the entire pregnancy. But boy o boy what a pregnancy it was and I was ready for Dylan to make his arrival. Ken and Kelli were at the hospital, they had Lily the day before on the 1st, so we went to visit. We stood outside for awhile hugged, laughed, cried, then called everyone we could think of. Everybody was so excited. We met Valarie at the door and walked to Kelli's room. Lily was BEAUTIFUL! Dylan is going to have the best of friend! We left Montgomery and came home for church.
Saturday rolled around and emotions were everywhere! Didn't know if we wanted to laugh, cry, or what. I think we were both very very nervous. We left Greenville about 11:00. Made our usual stop to Priester's and got Adam his divinity. We met mom and dad at Texas Roadhouse....our favorite. I had the pork chop and couldn't even eat much. We enjoyed our dinner together, it was really nice. Adam's parents later came in and also had dinner. Before we left my phone started ringing, it was Niki. Adam's 1st cousin was also pregnant and due on the 18th. She asked where we were and I told her. She said her and Todd were about to have A BABY!!! They beat us to the hospital and Beau was on his way! After dinner mom and dad went to check in the hotel and we headed to the hospital. We got checked in and they placed us right next to Todd and Niki! All the family was really was the best thing! Beau was born around 7 that night.

They hooked me up to the monitors and I was having strong contractions but because the bad pains in my leg I was not able to feel them. (Thank goodness!) Everyone left and we got ready to try and get some rest. My water ended up breaking on its own around 10:00 Saturday night. Thank you Lord for having me in the hospital and not in the middle of WALMART! Never once felt a contraction and labor was the easiest thing ever! Really it was! I would rather go through labor 5 times than my pregnancy once! =) was that bad. Mom and my sister were in the room holding my legs and Adam was right beside me. I loved having them in there with me. I pushed for about 20 minutes and Dylan was born at 10:19. 6 pounds - 19 in long.

*can you believe out of all the "picture takers" we never got a picture of all 3 of us! gah!*

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"I love you already"


We had a wonderful Easter with lots of family around. My sisters from Missouri and South Carolina came down with their boys. We went to the zoo on Saturday and had a blast. The weather was perfect and all the animals were out. When we got back later that night Shannon came in with lots of things for baby Dylan. I am so excited we already have his car seat and stroller! I made Adam put it together the very next day since it was so late that night. It's perfect! We also received lots of clothes, socks, toys, changing pad and cover. We are so thankful and blessed for the wonderful friends and family we have. My first baby shower is next Sunday and I can't wait!

Monday, March 29, 2010

My uncle has always said......

....all babies are born Florida Gator fans until the parents corrupt them later in life. So until my husband corrupts our son into his Alabama/ Roll Tide madness he will be my little Gator baby!

And so far his Florida things are taken over! I have not bought one thing Florida Gator but my family sure has! Gotta love them.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby Update

Sorry I have not updated. Last week was so busy! Dylan has been kicking like a crazy boy. Adam is able to feel him more and more. He already loves his daddy. Adam can make him move/kick/bump like no one else. Other things Dylan likes is his Nenang's special homemade lemonade. We went to the doctor Friday. I gained a few pounds but pretty sure it was the outfit and shoes that weighed that much. =) Doctor said everything was fine though. He said with the weight loss at the first couple of months that I was right on track. Whew! The people are bringing the carpet tomorrow! YAY! YAY! Adam will be at home with them all day tomorrow and I get to come home to new carpet. Now we will be able to start on Dylan's room. Adam painted it last week and it looks so good. Mom bought Dylan's bedding so I would have it when we started putting everything in his room. It came from Storkland. It is made by The American Baby Co. Here is a picture. It will be on white cribbing.

I am gonna try to find brown curtains with blue ribbons to tie it. I am trying not to make it so girly. That is all I am use to ya know! Now I am on the look out for a personalized lamp. I have found many on the internet but they are so expensive. I may try to figure out how to make it and then have some one do it for me.

I want his initials on it if I can find someone to do it that way. I have also seen some with bigger bases that had it just on that. They are really cute. I want just a plain brown shag rug to go in front of the crib. It shouldn't be so hard to find.

Well that's about it for now. I am so ready to have my house back in order. Once we get started working on Dylan's room I will post pictures of the progress. I will take pictures of the painted room tomorrow since there won't be anything in it. The color is White Chocolate. I love it and it will go with anything especially later on down the road when he wants something with trucks, bugs, know that boy stuff! Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Be back to blog soon!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Not much has been going on these past few days. We finally got to register and boy was that something. It is much harder if you have no idea what you will need/use. Adam had fun with the gun. No telling what all ended up on our list. I would find him off on the other side and sneak up on him and he would hurry and put the gun behind him. We had fun. As of right now we are registered at Target and Toys r Us. We will also do Walmart soon.

People have been asking me how many weeks I am and the strange thing is I have to stop and think. I am almost 26 and it is so hard to believe! I really still think I should be about 18. From week 18 to 25 just flew and now I am in panic mode because I still have so much to do. I wish I had everything I needed and it was all in place. Yeah I know.....only in a perfect world huh. I just like to have everything organized and complete. I know it will be just fine. I think it is probably normal to worry about it.

Today has been so BLAH! I haven't felt well. Either it was the lack of sleep I got last night or this weather. Could be both. I am so ready for the Summer and never ever have you heard that come out of my mouth before. They are saying 3 more weeks of this........just don't think I can make it. Well that's about it for now. I am ready to go home and about to fall asleep writing this.

Oh and just a note for Dylan. I know its gonna hurt but could you just kick a little harder. Your daddy sure wants to feel you. =)

Crafty Aunt Bella

My crafty sister made this for Dylan! She has made so many cute things for him. These cute letters will go in his room above his crib. I am so ready to get his room started. We are still on hold until the carpet arrives. Maybe we will be getting a phone call from them very soon. Thanks Aunt Bella!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Our conversation about Dylan

Abigail was suppose to go with us to the doctor to find out what the baby was. I started having some trouble and the doctor wanted me to come on in just to check things. (baby is fine) So I called her that afternoon to explain to her I had to go on to the dr and this was our conversation:

Me: Abigail Sissy had to go on to the doctor today just to make sure baby was doing okay

Abigail: you did???

Me: Yes and we found out what the baby is.

Abigail: what is it sissy?

Me: we are having a little baby boy

Abigail: really sissy!!!! .........(she thinks for awhile)......well sissy what color is it?

*I die laughing*

Me: Well abigail the baby is white

Abigail: but sissy what color are his eyes?

Me: we won't know until baby is born abigail

Abigail: Oh. Well okay sissy. But Sissy one thing can you bring him over after I get out of school so i can play with him tomorrow.

lol......she was so cute!

She is so excited and the first thing she does every time she sees me is rub my belly. She has to tell EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE she comes in contact with that her sissy is pregnant. She calls him Tubby. Not sure where she really got this but it has been Tubby since day one. lol

We kinda love her!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

*Waiting on our JuneBug*

Where did February go? Man o man June will be here before we know it. I am getting so excited. We are getting new carpet hopefully in the next week or so and then we can start on Dylan's room. We have sooo much stuff already. Still a lot needed but nice to know we have a start. My sickness seems to be getting better day by day. Smells are still very hard for me to deal with but that will probably stick with me until June. I started feeling him kick about 3 weeks ago and although it wasn't the best feeling in the world like most say I like to feel it to know he's there. I hope to go register this weekend. So many people have been asking me and I didn't think it was quite that time but I started looking and I have my first shower coming up soon. Not even sure where to begin with that but we are excited! I hope to write on here several times a week. Its nice to keep my family update since I have so many that live so far away. I will do my best to keep it updated as much as possible!

Where Do I Begin?

I should have started this 5 months ago and I am kicking my tail because I am just now getting around to it. So although it won't be detailed will get the jist. Last September Mom took us (Me, Adam, Jessica, and Will) to Disney World. Little did I know when we returned how our lives would be changed forever! We got to Florida on a Sunday and by the middle of the week I was so sick. The flu had been going around and I just knew I had it. I had a fever and my body felt like it was falling apart. We stayed in the room for the rest of the trip and headed home the next Sunday. I decided I needed to see a doctor and was in his office first thing Monday morning. The doctor did some blood test and also a flu test..... everything came back fine. I was soooo confused. I came back to work on Wednesday (October 7Th.) I still wasn't feeling the best and I was so tired! Very unlike me. I went to get some lunch and just couldn't eat it. Some thoughts ran through my mind and I decided to take a pregnancy test. One of about 100 that I have taken in the past year. I had gotten many and many negatives one after the other and just new I was only going to be disappointed once again. It took no time at all and I finally, finally saw 2 lines! I started crying right away! I didn't know what to do, who to call, what to say. I just sat on the bathroom floor with this stick in my hand sobbing. I just kept telling myself it was tricking me. I had one more and decided to wait a few moments and take it. I came back to my office and again no time at all two line popped up. I called my doctor and they needed me to get to Montgomery right away for blood work. I made plans and headed up to the doctor. I called Adam just so he would know what was going on.....(not the way I was wanting to tell him) and he just sat on the other end in shock. We wanted to get the blood test back before we let the word out. I pretty much cried the whole way to Montgomery not knowing what the outcome was going to be but I knew it was in Gods hands and I had faith! I took the blood test went home and waited by the phone for the doctor to call. What a LONG wait that was! She called and Yes the words we wanted to hear YOU'RE PREGNANT! I held Adam and cried. We were then in a hurry to tell our parents. How awesome that was. They put me on home health in November. I was so sick. Still don't think some people realized how sick I actually was and still am sometimes. I know it will all be worth it in the end and all I can think about is hold my baby. We found out in January we are having a sweet baby boy. Adam was thrilled! He wasn't able to make it to the doctor with me when we found out but it was nice being able to surprise him. The time is getting closer and I am so excited! I just can't wait to meet our little one!