Monday, September 19, 2011

Dylan's First Christmas 2010

We were so happy to be home for Dylan's first Christmas! We love love Christmas time and wouldn't know what to do not being able to spend it at home. We went to Opa's and Oma's for X-mas Eve and had a GREAT time. Dylan got lots and lots of goodies!

When we got home we put out Santa's cookies and milk out and then put Dylan to bed.

While we were fast asleep Santa was hard at work.....

Dylan of course didn't know much this Christmas but it sure will be one we will remember! After we woke him up and opened all gift and had a yummy lunch we headed to Poppy and Nenang's!

I think it took us the rest of the day to open the gifts there but it was WONDERFUL! We all had a great time and I am so blessed to be able to have my family all in one place for Holidays.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


So its been about one year since my last post! UGH. This getting behind thing gets easier more and more. So much has gone on in this past year...yet again. I said in my last post we would NEVER go back to Children's but.......we did. :'( Let me tell you NOT FUN! My last post was from last October so I'll try and update from there. P.S I do this mostly because I DON'T keep a journal and I want Dylan to be able to go back and have something to read like my mom did for me and I just find more time to sit at a computer and type then sit down with paper and pen. Also, (as many of you probably don't know) there are company's that will turn your blogs into a book....and that is my plan!


Dylan went for his 4 month check up on October 18Th. He had 6 vaccinations. He was a pro by this time and a shot was nothing! He was 14.7 pounds (45%) and 26 in (85%.) He still spit-up some but doctor assured us it was acid reflux. Everything else was great!

Fall my favorite time of year. Dylan had two adorable costumes. A monkey and a dinosaur. We had a church function we attended and then did the trick-or-treating down town on Halloween night.

We also took him to the pumpkin patch in clanton with my parents, sister, brother in law, and my grandma Hittell came from Jacksonville. Dylan got his very own pumpkin. We had a blast last year and I CANNOT wait to take him this year.

November 2010

This month I try to forget. Only thing I really remember about this month was Thanksgiving Day. I got up early to start cooking and got Dylan dressed and we headed off for my moms. It was about 9:00 and I put Dylan in his high chair and noticed he was acting strange but didn't think alot about it. Lunch rolled around and he just cried and cried and cried. I couldn't get him to take a nap and thought maybe he was just off track and exhausted. I then decided to take him home. We got home and he took a small nap. I was excited about getting lights put up so we went outside to watch Daddy hang them. Dylan still wasn't acting himself. He then started to spit-up a good amount so I told Adam we were taking him to the ER. The doctor checked him out and said he has double ear infection and there should be no worries. She gave us meds and sent us on our way. We went over to Adam's parents to visit and came home. Adam had a run to go on to Montgomery so I got Dylan ready for bed and tried to get him to sleep. He cried and cried and started throwing up. He choked one time and stopped breathing. I started crying and called 911 but not minutes later he started crying again. I called Oma over because I was such in a panic....then my sweet boy started throwing up green again. The WORST color in the world! The last words the Doctor at Children's said to us was "I won't see ya back unless you see green." Well it was green and we rushed right back to LVS. They did an upper gi and found there was a blockage. GEMS took us to Children's and we rode in the back with OPA. (Best ambulance service EVER BTW.....this is the 2ND one we have ridden in so we should know.) We got to the ER at 5am. By this time we were going on 24 hours NO SLEEP. I was give out, sad, hurt, depressed, confused, torn, all the above! I just wanted my baby better. I could not believe we were going through this AGAIN! The doctor's and nurses were so confused. They had no idea really what was going on. They put us in a room and put a tube in his nose and stated doing test right away. I believe we were there three days before the Doctors decided to go ahead and do surgery to find out what was going on. This is a picture of my baby BEFORE surgery.

He was so so sick. They ended up taking 9 inches of his intestines out. He had adhesion's from his previous surgery and they were causing the intestines to twist. This is him right after surgery.
By this time he had gone about 1 week without eating. When his tube started to clear we were able to give him his first bottle.
He was SOOO happy to get that thing. We were even more excited ...and as you can see the tube is OUT! We got to stay in the room with him him this time which was much easier than living out of a hotel room. His last few days there we got to walk him around the hospital. We took him downstairs to see all the beautiful Christmas trees. This was his first time seeing one.

We were finally discharged and the doctors last words...AGAIN were...Don't come back unless you see green. Its been almost one year and my little boy is doing GREAT! Our friends and especially family have been our backbone and supported us more than ever. We are beyond blessed and thankful for them all!

*I will start back with December at the next post*