Friday, February 26, 2010

Our conversation about Dylan

Abigail was suppose to go with us to the doctor to find out what the baby was. I started having some trouble and the doctor wanted me to come on in just to check things. (baby is fine) So I called her that afternoon to explain to her I had to go on to the dr and this was our conversation:

Me: Abigail Sissy had to go on to the doctor today just to make sure baby was doing okay

Abigail: you did???

Me: Yes and we found out what the baby is.

Abigail: what is it sissy?

Me: we are having a little baby boy

Abigail: really sissy!!!! .........(she thinks for awhile)......well sissy what color is it?

*I die laughing*

Me: Well abigail the baby is white

Abigail: but sissy what color are his eyes?

Me: we won't know until baby is born abigail

Abigail: Oh. Well okay sissy. But Sissy one thing can you bring him over after I get out of school so i can play with him tomorrow.

lol......she was so cute!

She is so excited and the first thing she does every time she sees me is rub my belly. She has to tell EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE she comes in contact with that her sissy is pregnant. She calls him Tubby. Not sure where she really got this but it has been Tubby since day one. lol

We kinda love her!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

*Waiting on our JuneBug*

Where did February go? Man o man June will be here before we know it. I am getting so excited. We are getting new carpet hopefully in the next week or so and then we can start on Dylan's room. We have sooo much stuff already. Still a lot needed but nice to know we have a start. My sickness seems to be getting better day by day. Smells are still very hard for me to deal with but that will probably stick with me until June. I started feeling him kick about 3 weeks ago and although it wasn't the best feeling in the world like most say I like to feel it to know he's there. I hope to go register this weekend. So many people have been asking me and I didn't think it was quite that time but I started looking and I have my first shower coming up soon. Not even sure where to begin with that but we are excited! I hope to write on here several times a week. Its nice to keep my family update since I have so many that live so far away. I will do my best to keep it updated as much as possible!

Where Do I Begin?

I should have started this 5 months ago and I am kicking my tail because I am just now getting around to it. So although it won't be detailed will get the jist. Last September Mom took us (Me, Adam, Jessica, and Will) to Disney World. Little did I know when we returned how our lives would be changed forever! We got to Florida on a Sunday and by the middle of the week I was so sick. The flu had been going around and I just knew I had it. I had a fever and my body felt like it was falling apart. We stayed in the room for the rest of the trip and headed home the next Sunday. I decided I needed to see a doctor and was in his office first thing Monday morning. The doctor did some blood test and also a flu test..... everything came back fine. I was soooo confused. I came back to work on Wednesday (October 7Th.) I still wasn't feeling the best and I was so tired! Very unlike me. I went to get some lunch and just couldn't eat it. Some thoughts ran through my mind and I decided to take a pregnancy test. One of about 100 that I have taken in the past year. I had gotten many and many negatives one after the other and just new I was only going to be disappointed once again. It took no time at all and I finally, finally saw 2 lines! I started crying right away! I didn't know what to do, who to call, what to say. I just sat on the bathroom floor with this stick in my hand sobbing. I just kept telling myself it was tricking me. I had one more and decided to wait a few moments and take it. I came back to my office and again no time at all two line popped up. I called my doctor and they needed me to get to Montgomery right away for blood work. I made plans and headed up to the doctor. I called Adam just so he would know what was going on.....(not the way I was wanting to tell him) and he just sat on the other end in shock. We wanted to get the blood test back before we let the word out. I pretty much cried the whole way to Montgomery not knowing what the outcome was going to be but I knew it was in Gods hands and I had faith! I took the blood test went home and waited by the phone for the doctor to call. What a LONG wait that was! She called and Yes the words we wanted to hear YOU'RE PREGNANT! I held Adam and cried. We were then in a hurry to tell our parents. How awesome that was. They put me on home health in November. I was so sick. Still don't think some people realized how sick I actually was and still am sometimes. I know it will all be worth it in the end and all I can think about is hold my baby. We found out in January we are having a sweet baby boy. Adam was thrilled! He wasn't able to make it to the doctor with me when we found out but it was nice being able to surprise him. The time is getting closer and I am so excited! I just can't wait to meet our little one!