Monday, March 29, 2010

My uncle has always said......

....all babies are born Florida Gator fans until the parents corrupt them later in life. So until my husband corrupts our son into his Alabama/ Roll Tide madness he will be my little Gator baby!

And so far his Florida things are taken over! I have not bought one thing Florida Gator but my family sure has! Gotta love them.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby Update

Sorry I have not updated. Last week was so busy! Dylan has been kicking like a crazy boy. Adam is able to feel him more and more. He already loves his daddy. Adam can make him move/kick/bump like no one else. Other things Dylan likes is his Nenang's special homemade lemonade. We went to the doctor Friday. I gained a few pounds but pretty sure it was the outfit and shoes that weighed that much. =) Doctor said everything was fine though. He said with the weight loss at the first couple of months that I was right on track. Whew! The people are bringing the carpet tomorrow! YAY! YAY! Adam will be at home with them all day tomorrow and I get to come home to new carpet. Now we will be able to start on Dylan's room. Adam painted it last week and it looks so good. Mom bought Dylan's bedding so I would have it when we started putting everything in his room. It came from Storkland. It is made by The American Baby Co. Here is a picture. It will be on white cribbing.

I am gonna try to find brown curtains with blue ribbons to tie it. I am trying not to make it so girly. That is all I am use to ya know! Now I am on the look out for a personalized lamp. I have found many on the internet but they are so expensive. I may try to figure out how to make it and then have some one do it for me.

I want his initials on it if I can find someone to do it that way. I have also seen some with bigger bases that had it just on that. They are really cute. I want just a plain brown shag rug to go in front of the crib. It shouldn't be so hard to find.

Well that's about it for now. I am so ready to have my house back in order. Once we get started working on Dylan's room I will post pictures of the progress. I will take pictures of the painted room tomorrow since there won't be anything in it. The color is White Chocolate. I love it and it will go with anything especially later on down the road when he wants something with trucks, bugs, know that boy stuff! Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Be back to blog soon!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Not much has been going on these past few days. We finally got to register and boy was that something. It is much harder if you have no idea what you will need/use. Adam had fun with the gun. No telling what all ended up on our list. I would find him off on the other side and sneak up on him and he would hurry and put the gun behind him. We had fun. As of right now we are registered at Target and Toys r Us. We will also do Walmart soon.

People have been asking me how many weeks I am and the strange thing is I have to stop and think. I am almost 26 and it is so hard to believe! I really still think I should be about 18. From week 18 to 25 just flew and now I am in panic mode because I still have so much to do. I wish I had everything I needed and it was all in place. Yeah I know.....only in a perfect world huh. I just like to have everything organized and complete. I know it will be just fine. I think it is probably normal to worry about it.

Today has been so BLAH! I haven't felt well. Either it was the lack of sleep I got last night or this weather. Could be both. I am so ready for the Summer and never ever have you heard that come out of my mouth before. They are saying 3 more weeks of this........just don't think I can make it. Well that's about it for now. I am ready to go home and about to fall asleep writing this.

Oh and just a note for Dylan. I know its gonna hurt but could you just kick a little harder. Your daddy sure wants to feel you. =)

Crafty Aunt Bella

My crafty sister made this for Dylan! She has made so many cute things for him. These cute letters will go in his room above his crib. I am so ready to get his room started. We are still on hold until the carpet arrives. Maybe we will be getting a phone call from them very soon. Thanks Aunt Bella!!!!!!!!