Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy 3 years to us!

This past Wednesday we had our 3 year wedding anniversary. Can you believe it? 3 years! This week has been so busy and hectic that we haven't really gotten a chance to celebrate so tonight we are taking our little guy to dinner and a wal-mart trip. =) Also on our anniversary Dylan turned 4 months! He is getting so big. He keeps us so entertained and I usually have to fight his daddy just to get my hands on him when he's around. He is stubborn with him but that's okay. Last night I was changing his diaper and had a cloth wiping around his neck....he laughed like I have NEVER heard him laugh before. I wasn't even playing with him I was just cleaning around his neck and I guess it gave him a little tickle. I RAN and I mean RAN to get the flip and of course couldn't get him to do it again! I couldn't hardly stand it for his daddy to get home so I could tell him. When he got there and I told him the story we took him back to his room again and tried and tried and tried to get him to do it again........nothing! That turkey!! It was the most precious thing in the entire world and I cannot wait until his daddy's hears it. I have since wore myself out doing everything possible trying to get the kid to laugh again. ha ha!

I hope to have a relaxing weekend. We LOVE to stay busy but when money is tight and your just flat worn out......nothing better then a weekend at home! Enjoy yours!