Friday, February 26, 2010

Our conversation about Dylan

Abigail was suppose to go with us to the doctor to find out what the baby was. I started having some trouble and the doctor wanted me to come on in just to check things. (baby is fine) So I called her that afternoon to explain to her I had to go on to the dr and this was our conversation:

Me: Abigail Sissy had to go on to the doctor today just to make sure baby was doing okay

Abigail: you did???

Me: Yes and we found out what the baby is.

Abigail: what is it sissy?

Me: we are having a little baby boy

Abigail: really sissy!!!! .........(she thinks for awhile)......well sissy what color is it?

*I die laughing*

Me: Well abigail the baby is white

Abigail: but sissy what color are his eyes?

Me: we won't know until baby is born abigail

Abigail: Oh. Well okay sissy. But Sissy one thing can you bring him over after I get out of school so i can play with him tomorrow.

lol......she was so cute!

She is so excited and the first thing she does every time she sees me is rub my belly. She has to tell EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE she comes in contact with that her sissy is pregnant. She calls him Tubby. Not sure where she really got this but it has been Tubby since day one. lol

We kinda love her!

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